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how do digital magazines by maison benefit real estate agents?

Your digital publication will provide you with custom branded, dynamic, and interactive content, including community-specific articles written by seasoned professionals.

Gain visibility in your community for increased lead generation.

A digital publication allows you to increase not only your visibility but your online credibility as well. We’ll provide your clients with community-specific articles to tie in geographic appeal. Decor, lifestyle, and real estate articles will provide an easy read while presenting a ‘soft sell’ byway of material that your clients will actually want to read. All branded to you. Our unique marketing magazine, when coupled with social media, creates a credible online presence for you, increasing lead generation which in turn increases your bottom line.

Develop an effective brand through relevant, branded content.

It is not enough to simply be present online. You must offer entertaining and useful articles and images. Keep their attention, and in turn they will think of you when the opportunity arises. Intelligent real estate agent branding is essential to to your business – either agents are jumping on the bandwagon, or they are being left behind as their competitors take the lead and edge them out of the marketplace. Maison Magazne offers a brand specific digital publication with your photo, logo, colors, and live links throughout, guiding readers to your listings, website, and social media pages.

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is your business being crippled by outdated marketing strategies?

Do you have a lackluster online presence? In an era of social media and other advanced technologies, it’s more important than ever for you to establish a trustworthy brand and a strong online presence. Real estate marketing strategies like paper advertisements, knick knacks, and generic newsletters are no longer sufficient marketing for your tech savvy customers.

According to the NAR, 22 percent of home sellers would not use the same agent again.

They attribute this to the notion that their agent is not up to speed with today’s marketing skills and that it will affect the speed and price of the sale (or purchase) of their home. The contemporary customer is expecting real estate agents to utilize modern technologies and marketing tools. Agents who fall short are compromising referrals or repeat business.

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