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As a property manager, you’re interested in making sure that your business and properties are seen, marketed, and ready to rent to great tenants at all times. However, you’re also likely busy with highly important management tasks, like fulfilling the needs of your current tenants. You are also ensuring that your available properties are prepared for move in. Instead of worrying about everything being on your plate at once, working with Maison Magazine is a great way to ensure that your property management business is advertised.  Get marketed professionally without the headache of having to do everything yourself!

Social Distribution

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is ensuring that your information, articles, and marketing materials are easily accessible to all kinds of consumers. Our distribution tools allow you to get your magazine in front of the consumers you’re trying to reach with multiple different avenues, from social links that are shareable throughout different platforms on the internet to email campaigns that are designed specifically for location-specific needs and more.

Maison Magazine Social Media

Social integration

In the digital world of modern times, social media is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for connecting with potential tenants, advertising your properties, and ensuring that you stay relevant in the eyes of consumers. Our digital marketing approach offers a comprehensive platform that helps you to not only stay present and relevant online, but also to help you create the most engaging content for your audience so you gain followers, interactions, and interest from the online community.

Maison Magazine Social Media

Branding Help

Build your brand into a recognizable, trustworthy, and relevant source of information for your potential tenants, current tenants, and local communities. Maison magazine offers a customized, white-label, automated marketing experience for property managers to build a brand through digital, social, and community specific content. Our personalized branding strategies also help you to manage tenant feedback and gain current and potential tenant trust and confidence through professional content and materials.

Marketing Insights

Our team of professional, experienced marketing professionals is dedicated to helping you market your property management business to the target audiences you’re already working to get in front of. In addition, our team takes a personalized approach, so you get strategies that are created with your company in mind and content that’s created for the community you live and work in. At Maison, you’ll never have to worry about getting just another cookie-cutter marketing strategy or magazine. Instead, you get customized marketing with a personal touch that’s designed to promote your property management company and build your business more efficiently than ever before.

Maison Magazine Property Managers

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